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Mind Over Body: 3 Shifts to Live a Life Without Compromise

Whether it’s money, relationships, your business, or your health we all have felt stuck from living a life without compromise. In today’s episode Mind Over Body Expert, Chrissy Papetti, is sharing with us 3 shifts to live a life without compromise. After finding her own physical healing through this work, she has made it her mission to share it with the world.


It’s All In Your Head

Understanding that the subconscious rules our thoughts and beliefs and then trickles down to our actions and results in our lives. Most times we think that we can make a shift in our lives with conscious beliefs and conscious thoughts. For example: Think positive or think about where you want to be. However, around 95%-98% of what we do and believe and think in life comes from our subconscious programming.

While we think that we can positively think our way out of certain mindsets, the truth is that some of our thoughts and beliefs are deeply rooted in our subconscious. In order for us to understand how to make shifts in our mind we have to understand the difference between conscious and subconscious and know that the subconscious is the root for what we’re experiencing in our day to day. If you want to make changes in your life the subconscious is where we have to start.

Re-fire to Rewire

We have to re-fire neurons and the thoughts in our subconscious to rewire them to actually get to where we want to be. Self-worth is the root of this work. The deepest parts of your subconscious make up your self-worth. Self-worth is the law of attraction (getting what you want). The best experts in the world in transformation of mindset will tell you that it all comes down to self-worth and not feeling like you’re enough. In order to rewire our brains to believe a new truth, we have to intentionally re-fire through meditation.


Now that we’ve dug into the mind we can move on to the body. Mind + Lifestyle = Body. Chrissy goes deep into how the info we just learned about with the mind interacts with lifestyle choices/areas to manifest how we feel in our bodies, how the body holds past trauma and stress, and what we can do to combat that to be bulletproof and live the lives we want to live

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