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 3 Things I'm Working to Be Better At Madison Anaya Blog The Fearless Chase

3 Things I’m Working to Be Better At Madison Anaya Blog The Fearless Chase

3 Things I am Working to be Better At

Hey girl, I felt like it’s about time that I get open and honest and share what I am currently chasing like my life depends on it-because it does!

1. Hang Up and Hang Out

I hate to admit that in the midst of chasing my dreams, I have become not so great at being the most present. The small times that once were filled with quality conversation, have been replaced with my hand glued to my phone, obsessing over growing my business. My girlfriend, Katie’s voice is running through my head with the best advice on how to be present- “hang up and hang out.” I hope you start to notice that I am finding a flow for how much time I’m present on social media vs how much time I’m present with the people around me. 

2. Focus on the Why and Not the Results

I mentioned this point in last week’s email, but it’s something I am always trying to keep front of mind. Chasing your dreams can often look like chasing failure. That statement seems off at first until you truly understand that the way to success is failure, and failure again. Failure can be glamorized in a motivational speech, but can hit you like a ton of bricks full of “not good enough” in the moment. Failure doesn’t feel like a forward momentum until you can find the reason to let it push you to the next season.

3.  Finding Value in Every Day 

As you’re reading this email I am on my way to cruise the Caribbean. (Halle-freaking-lujah!) This means that for the past two weeks, all I have been able to focus on is this day. It has been sohard to slow down and enjoy the days leading up to something exciting. Looking back I rushed away 14 days. While having a numbered amount of days on this earth, we can’t afford to throw away even one of them. I am working towards finding the blessings God is showing me each and every day!

I hope that no matter what stage of life you’re currently in, that you feel empowered to become the best version of yourself. And I pray that you fearlessly chase your dreams like your life depends on it, because it does!

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