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3 Things You Need on Your Website The Fearless Chase Podcast with Madison Anaya

Have you been reading every blog on Pinterest about what things you need on your website? I’ve been there. I remember when I first started researching how to start a blog how overwhelmed I was by all the information out there. I quickly found out that most of the information wasn’t even helpful! It was just a bunch of affiliate links with zero information on what to have on your website to actually convert visitors into raving fans.

Today we’re digging into what you really need with our web expert Jessica Murko of Jessica M Studio. In this episode she’s sharing with us the 3 things you need on your website. Stick around for the bonus episode where she does a LIVE website audit of my own website. While I was super nervous to hear what I wasn’t the best at on-air, I knew it would be super helpful to hear in-action what tweaks you can do to your own site to make it even better!

3 Things You Need on Your Website

Effective Copy – Being able to effectively communicate what you do and how you do it. Attracting ideal clients and customers means understanding their pain points and communicating the transformations you offer.

High-resolution Images – Images that are on-brand and high resolution, your brand’s credibility relies on this! You are going to turn people away if you have blurry images that don’t relate to your businesses offering.

Call to actions – These buttons, such as: find out more, shop now, learn more etc are essential to converting leads. They basically guide your potential clients and customers to consume the content they need to know like and trust you and in turn, invest or buy from you. Call to actions are vital to the success of your business.

Whether you’re just getting started or have been rocking the same site for years, take a look and see how you can start implementing these 3 simples steps into your own site today!

Don’t forget to listen to the bonus episode where Jessica does a LIVE audit of my own website. Check it out below!

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