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Enneagram: Textbook 7w6 comin’ atcha

Favorite shows: Parks & Rec, The Office, Schitt’s Creek, Ted Lasso, Gilmore Girls, and The Mindy Project 

If I were a tv character: 12/10 David Rose and Leslie Knope combined

Favorite foods: Always down for Italian, Sushi, Thai, or Tex-Mex

Relationship status: I married the boy who asked me to be his girlfriend when I was 14, and it’s still going really well.

Greatest passion: Helping others build a life they love

Go-to coffee order: Iced Vanilla Oat Milk Cappuccino with Extra Foam, you can call it ‘The Mads’

Favorite brands: Opal House + Aerie

Meet Your Community Host, Mads

→ As a creative woman, you dream of pushing past the pressure to live your life in anyway that's not your own. We are passionate about helping you define what success means to you, creating a lifestyle that's unique to your personal values, priorities, dreams, and goals.

→ We believe it's possible to reach your dreams without sacrificing your relationships, mental health, and the things that matter most. We provide you with the tools you need to prioritize the things you value so that you can build an intentional life while you chase your dreams.

→ We're big fans of friendship. We celebrate that each of us come from different backgrounds and believe that every one deserves a seat and voice at the table. From Netflix recommendations to asking for advice on how to navigate a sticky situation -- we don't shy away from the opportunity to connect on a deeper level.

We are a community of women who are changing what it means to chase your dreams

Welcome to The Fearless Chase, where we help women prioritize the things that matter most.

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