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The Fearless Chase is the business education and community-focused membership platform you never knew you always needed. Jk, you did. You just didn’t know it existed. Grab a snack and stay awhile -- it only gets better.

Helping modern women build the business and life of their dreams

The Fearless Chase Collective


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join the community

I've *totally* been there...

Ending yet another work day at 8:30pm on the couch with a *more than full* glass of rosé, quickly falling down the comparison spiral scrolling Instagram.

A combination of my college friends who are steadily working their way up the corporate ladder at their adult jobs and the people I look up to in business celebrating six figure launches fill my feed.

Throwing my phone across the floor and think to myself, “Would my 18-year-old self be proud of what I’m doing with my life?”

Maybe you can relate?

Here's  where most people begin to wonder why they left the security of 9-5 and dust off their resumes ready to throw in the towel.

However, you're not most people.

you're just in the awkward growth stage.

Remember that time after you graduated high school and decided to go for the chop.That edgy bob that said “I’m an adult now. And then you cried after a week because you couldn’t fit it into a ponytail anymore and you had to let it grow out.

That awkward middle stage of going from fresh cut (taking the leap and starting your freelance business) and long beautiful locks (crushing it as CEO of a full-blown company) is where you currently are and it’s the most crucial part of your business journey. 

This is the part where most people give up because it’s taking too long, it's too hard and it's too lonely.

Trying to figure out all the things you need to know and how to do them to successfully scale your business is... a LOT. 

Instead of slowly trekking your way through this awkward middle stage alone (or worse, giving up!)

What if you could have the people who are at the stage of business you are trying to get to turn around and show you easy to implement steps on how to bring you up to their level?


Go from overwhelmed, lonely business owner to thriving CEO with a close circle of biz besties to help you get there!  

The fearless chase

Your community obsessed, "gal who knows everyone,"  biz bestie wing woman!


Wish you had a best friend to give you the names of the right people to trust instead of trying to figure it all out on your own?

Welcome to the party - prepare to be connected to top experts to scale your business in a sustainable way with a group of biz besties by your side, because we want to have fun along the way!

Say no more, I'm in

meet your online community cruise director 

"Joining TFCA is the best choice I made for my business this year. 2020 was a perfect storm of new opportunity + growth, but also came with confusion and overwhelm at times. I'm grateful for the community, resources + trainings that TFCA has brought into my life these past few months."

Abbi Rew, Content Mentor




Spring 2021 semester

Sustainable and Profitable Financial Growth

Building a Client Experience That Creates Loyal Clients Who Keep Coming Back for More

Owning Your Role as a CEO, Not Just a Business Owner

Your class schedule

APRIL 2021

sustainable and profitable financial growth 

instructor: Danielle slagel

Creating a Profitable Sales Strategy for Growth

This is the foundation for creating a life and not just a living as an entrepreneur! Creating a profitable business is much more than increasing sales, creating more products/services, increasing prices, or finding more clients. I will share my signature process to achieve and sustain a profitable business -- one that allows you to enjoy more flexibility and freedom. While there’s no magic way to generate cash and make a profit, there are some things you can do to steadily improve your financial growth.

Bonus instructor: NATASHA HEMMINGWAY

How to sell with confidence

 Practical ‘how-toʼ steps to transform your mindset around making sales. 
 - 4 components of a Sales Process and the importance of having a customized sales process in your business formula that will rewire your brain to think like a sales pro
- Proven action steps you can take to boost your sales results immediately
- A rinse and repeat system you can use to guide EVERY sales conversation, and you’ll learn how to win at sales without being sales-y, sleazy, gimmicky or manipulative.

special event expert: Kira Jones

Guided Meditation on confidence with cacti wellness

MAY 2021

Building a client experience that creates loyal clients who keep coming back for more

instructor: hannah nieves

Building a Client Experience That Creates Loyal Clients Who Keep Coming Back for More

In this training Hannah Nieves will teach you the secret behind White Glove Service and how to implement it the right way to keep your dream clients coming back time and time again.

Bonus instructor: kristi da silva

Onboarding Your Clients with Confidence + Organization

In this training Kristi will be going through her signature process to onboard new clients. She will walk through her onboarding guide step by step so you know what information you need to gather while impressing your new client with your amazing organization.

special event expert: Kira Jones

Guided Meditation on attraction with cacti wellness

June 2021

Owning Your role as a ceo, not just a business owner

instructor: ashton smith

CEO Embodiment: Make MORE in LESS Time Without the Burnout

In this session, we're going to talk about what it means to embody your role as CEO of your business: how to work smarter, not harder, generate more profit, utilize your unique strengths, and prioritize like a BOSS for maximum productivity. 

Bonus instructor: rhosabelle ocampo

Efficiency as a CEO Based On Your Enneagram Type

Meyers Briggs, DISC, Enneagram.... what do they all have in common? They are all tests that help you understand how you "tick" and "deflates" you. Within this training we are zero-ing in on who you uniquely are and embracing all the pieces that make you a powerful CEO.

special event expert: Kira Jones

Guided Meditation on simplicity with cacti wellness

the goods

-New Trainings with Easy to Implement Action Steps You Can Watch in Less Than 2 Hours a Month
-Live Q+A's with Fearless Chase Academy Experts
-Student Exclusive Facebook Group
-Fun Events + Student Exclusive Hangouts
-Student Exclusive Discounts on products and services with our FC trusted brands and experts

Ready to finally do business the way you've always wanted to with someone to guide you, a group to lean on, and a whole lot of fun along the way?

Each Month You'll Receive

I want in on this!

"The Fearless Chase Academy was one of my best investments this year for my business. I was able to learn such valuable information from experts I truly admire and take on new roles that I need as CEO within my business. So grateful not only for the teachings in the TFCA but also the incredible community!"

Kristi Da Silva, Systems Strategist

The Fearless Chase Academy Quiz

What part of the academy was made just for you?

"I loved being part of Fearless Chase Academy because it was manageable and worked with my busy schedule. 2020 was the year of wearing a million hats, especially for parents, so the fact that I could consume the content as needed without feeling like I was behind missing all kinds of things was really refreshing! Madison is the queen of building a community while also focusing on action, so this membership is the perfect mix for someone looking for jam packed trainings with a gang of besties!"

Allison Carter of Allison Carter Celebrates

The Fearless Chase Academy is THE place to be if you want to...

While we're going to be making some serious strides in your business, we want to do it in a way that's sustainable so you can show up for the other areas of your life that matter most too.

Scale in a sustainable way

Learn the foundations of what it takes to be a Ceo

We know you're wearing a million hats and don't have time for hours on hours of trainings to watch and implement. We'll tackle one topic at a time together in short and implementable trainings.

Connect with a  community of like-minded women who want friendship, support, and referrals just as much as you do!

build your

It's not for you if you want to keep...


-Feeling like you're the only one who can't figure out the business side of your business
-Wasting time, running in circles, and ending your day wondering what you even accomplished
-Getting overlooked instead of being known as the go-to expert
-Hoping and praying for clarity to come but still feeling completely stuck
-Leaving money on the table 
-Missing out on additional income streams
-Feeling stuck on knowing how to sort out the legal side of your business
-Missing out on hitting your profit goals


Student Discounts

50% OFF Soulful Social Courses
10% OFF Soulful Scrunchies
3 Months FREE of Cacti Wellness

Everyone knows you don't keep a good sale from your best friend!

As a TFCA Student You'll Get Insiders Savings

I want in on this!

"Madison and TFC is one of the most nurturing and inclusive communities out there! I love how Madison leads her community with the utmost authenticity."

Hannah Nieves, PR & Marketing Consultant

I'm Ready to take action

ONLY $57 a month

Ready to take Easy-to-implement steps towards your big impact dreams over chips + guac and all the girl talk?

"These days it’s easy for groups to feel disingenuous and transactional, but Madison has beat the odds by building true COMMUNITY. This is the space to be if you want to build honest connections with fantastic people."

Tianna Tye, I/O Psychologist and Leadership Coach

Meet Your instructors

You didn't think we'd have class without some badass experts, did ya?

Danielle slagel

Danielle is the CEO and Founder of Slagel Langton Co., a sales and consulting agency helping experienced entrepreneurs increase their profitability through smart and sustainable business strategies. With her 11+ years of experience working with brands and retailers such as H.J. Heinz, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Vineyard Vines, managing a global team, and 100% retention of $20MM in recurring revenue, she’s grown to understand and love the power of strategic selling. Now, her and her team partner alongside experienced female entrepreneurs at the highest level of their business while offering group programs and resources to empower women to create a life, not just a living.

Natasha Hemmingway

Natasha Hemmingway is an entrepreneurial-based Sales Coach and Speaker and the creator of Heart Not Hustle—a coaching firm founded with an aim to help entrepreneurs fund, and focus on the deeper meaning behind their business motivation and sales message. She helps entrepreneurs master their authentic sales process, achieve meaningful success and maximize their sales wins by bringing the Heart Not the Hustle.
Natasha spent over sixteen years as a successful sales professional with a Fortune 500company, and held a corporate role as a senior territory sales manager, prior to the personal tragedy that led her on a life-altering path to redefine her own “success” and “joy.” After leaving the corporate world, she found a heart for entrepreneurs looking to garner their gifts and passions to create their own businesses. Her collegiate background, unique career experience, and motivating empathy all play into the success of Heart Not Hustle. Clients and partners of Natasha’s experience her warmth and toughness through her research-based methods and “one-on-one” tactics that help them grow as entrepreneurs, organizers, and leaders. Today, she continues speaking to and coaching entrepreneurs by helping them focus on the “heart” of their business and not just the “hustle.”

Hannah Nieves

With extensive experience in marketing, branding, and PR; Hannah knows what it takes to build, market, and promote authentic brands and create results. 

Her journey into marketing began as an Investment Sales Broker in the Capital Markets division working for Cushman & Wakefield, one of the largest commercial real estate firms in the world. During that time she worked to market and sell buildings, land and air rights in Manhattan. When she wasn’t underwriting $525,000,000 worth of real estate assets, she was marketing them. 

Fast forward a few years when she became Director of Marketing of a national home interiors brand, managing multi million dollar marketing budgets and leading a team of passionate marketing professionals. 

Hannah truly loves the work she does and created this business out of the sheer passion of being able to serve female entrepreneurs and visionaries like yourself. What started out as a mentorship program turned business has allowed Hannah to serve women in a multitude of industries and creative backgrounds.  

Hannah is the go to resource for marketing, branding and PR for entrepreneurs and brands alike.

Kristi da silva

Kristi is a Systems Strategist who helps small business owners go from all over the place to organized with easy-to-use systems. She helps others streamline their systems and processes to be organized and confident in their business and life.

Ashton Smith

Ashton is a profit-focused coach and hype woman for female entrepreneurs. She helps women embody their CEO and systematize their business so they can create transformative customer experiences and hit dream status income goals.

Rhosabelle ocampo

Rhosabelle is a business & marketing coach who helps service providers gain clarity on effective marketing strategies to achieve the income they desire! She has almost a decade of experience within corporate marketing (specifically within the online marketing realm) and throughout her time in corporate was fortunate to have worked with celebs such as ARod, JLo, and The Backstreet Boys.

Kira Jones

Kira Jones is the CEO and founder of Cacti Wellness. Cacti provides unlimited access to virtual workouts, guided meditations, and productivity workshops, and they keep all content under 20-minutes to help their members efficiently & effectively achieve their goals. 

"I love being a part of a group of women who are in a similar career stage as me. TFCA has been instrumental in giving me the tools to feel confident in my own ability and dreams.  Madison has genuinely listened to my feedback and how I need help, and ensured that each semester of the TFCA actually caters to each of our needs. She makes an effort to make each of us feel seen — either with digital coffee dates or happy mail — and that I genuinely feel like I’ve gained a biz bestie in her."

Tess Cagle, Photographer

Heck yes, I want in

yeP! I love you and want you to reclaim this year for yourself!

 ALL OF THIS FOR ONLY $57 a month? 


The Investment

Full semester






monthly and full semester (3 months) payments available


"The Fearless Chase Community has become a place of genuine support and encouragement for a diverse group of female entrepreneurs. It's a place where you can enjoy a lighthearted laugh and also raise your hand to ask for help, support, advice and more. It's all about making space at the table for every new woman that arrives and lifting each other up when we need it."

Angel Hepp, Host of The Sister Joist

Feel more present in your life knowing your systems in your business are set up to reach your goals?

Add additional sources of income?

Be known as THE go-to expert in your field?

Have your legal on lockdown?

Have the foundations set to successfully lead the team of your dreams?

Create a schedule that best fit you and your goals?

Replace your overwhelmed business owner sash with a confident CEO one?

Start getting seen by the right people?

Actually grow your profit and know where your money should go?

Have the mental health tools to help you feel grounded as you are running a business?

Have clarity on what to do next in your business?

Have a community of women to lean on to help you step-by-step?

what if you could...

"The Fearless Chase Community is a group of incredible female entrepreneurs who support each other and celebrate with each other! Madison is a fun and cheerful leader who makes connection a priority. You will be seen and heard in this community!"

Lindsey Keith, CEO of Innoverse Marketing


Will this academy work for my niche?

Will this academy work for my niche?

YEP! If your business or brand is focused on your client / customer / consumer, then it’s exactly what you need. 

Can I cancel at anytime?

Can I cancel at anytime?

You are able to cancel with a 30 day notice, however you will not be allowed to re-join until the doors open again.

What happens after I purchase?

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll be emailed access to your online dashboard. This beauty includes all the materials you'll need to get started with your first training.

Will I need to resign up when the doors open again?

Will I need to resign up when the doors open again?

If you haven't cancelled your membership, your membership will continue running month over month.

How long do I have access to the recordings?

How long do I have access to the recordings?

You will have access to the trainings for as long as it exists and you are an active member of The Fearless Chase Academy. There are no plans for it to expire—if that changes, you’ll have 1 month's notice beforehand.

Will I have access to the experts?

Will I have access to the experts?

You will have a live Q+A zoom group call with each of our main instructors Danielle Slagel, Hannah Nieves, and Ashton Smith.

What if I can't attend the Q+A live?

What if I can't attend the Q+A live?

While we would LOVE to see your gorgeous face live, we totally understand if you can't make it live. No worries! The Q+A's will be recorded and uploaded to your dashboard to watch later.


I want to see you leave here as a doer.

Friend, you came here as a dreamer.

and the best way to do what you do best is to know who you're sharing it with