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All Things Money Mindset

Today we are talking about all things Money Mindset! As an entrepreneur, balancing your financial life is so SO important! It can feel like you’re the only person who just doesn’t get it – trust me I’ve been there too! But knowing how to have a healthy relationship with money is and will always be the driving factor behind your entire business and lifestyle!

Of course, we aren’t saying that money is everything! But your money mindset truly does change how quickly and effectively you achieve your goals in your business. 

Do you feel that you aren’t making enough or you aren’t in the financial place you would like to be in? Or maybe you have the income coming in, but you watch it leave just as quickly as it arrives! Today we jump into a conversation with Meg Wheeler on how to rewrite your financial story and how to truly reanalyze the way money affects not only your business, but also your day to day life.

Meg describes the top three stages of developing a healthy money mindset: reflecting on the past, the present and the future! Breaking things down, she digs into how we have viewed money growing up and how the relationship we have had with money in the past no longer has to have a hold on how you view it now.

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