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Anxiety and Perfectionism

As entrepreneurs, its not uncommon to deal with anxiety and perfectionism. We often think they are a part of our DNA – except they are NOT! We all deal with feeling like we want the world to see us at our best. But in a society where our highlight reel doesn’t always reflect our real reel, how do we navigate through our anxiety and perfectionism to show our authentic self to our audience? 

In this episode, Monica Denais digs into how to reflect on our perfectionism to break free from our anxieties. She explains that anxiety often tells us “you have no control”. Or there is nothing you can do to feel like you are in control”. But she explains how to gain that control back! 

Whether it’s limiting our comparison by setting time boundaries with social media and procrastination or finding practical ways to build decision making hacks into our daily routine – Denais has so many great ways to cut back the anxiety in order to feel like you have held on your business and your life! 

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