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Behind the Scenes of an Entrepreneur’s Marriage

with Alex Anaya

Today on The Fearless Chase Podcast, we’re talking all about the behind the scenes of an entrepreneur’s marriage. I’m so excited to finally introduce you to my husband (and our editor!), Alex Anaya. He is bringing fire today as he walks us through how to juggle the busy seasons as an entrepreneur while nurturing a thriving marriage. Here are the top tips he gave us!

Top 3 Ways to a Successful Marriage While Being an Entrepreneur

  1. Give grace. It can be so easy to want to expect it, but it’s not always our first reaction to give it. There are countless times within our marriage that we have had to communicate to each other the importance of this. When you’re intentional about clearly communicating the why behind everything you do, it makes it so much easier for your partner to give you grace on the how it’s being done.

  2. Be intentional. Whether you are being intentional about communicating, giving grace, or making time for each other, being intentional is one of the most important elements to being successful in any area of your life.

  3. Be supportive. Support is such an important act within your marriage. It let’s that person know that you believe in them. You don’t have to understand their dreams and have yours understood, but supporting each other and letting the other know that you’re behind them in this is key. Support looks different in every relationship. This can look like giving grace, being intentional, heck-cleaning the house. Communicate the support you need and the support you can give and go from there. Don’t get caught up in comparing your journey with another couples! Remember, comparison is the thief of joy!

Choosing to be grace giving, intentional, and supportive are three huge and easy ways you can set your marriage foundation strong to be able to handle the busy seasons to come.

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