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10 Things Every Creative Entrepreneur Needs in Their Life

Look I get it. Being a creative entrepreneur on top of all the other hats you where on a daily basis, likely means that you’re looking for ways to save time, organize, and put systems in place so you’re not reinventing the wheel every time you sit down to work. Being a virtual assistant means that I not only have to keep my systems and business organized but also 5 other people’s. Trust me, ya girl isn’t looking to be sippin’ on cold coffee all day because she got too overwhelmed by the mess of things she forgot she poured herself a cup in the first place and she’ doesn’t think you are either! That’s why I’ve put together a list of the 11 tools I use in my business every single day. Are you ready? Let’s jump in!

  1. Planoly-If you are tired of stressing out about what your instagram feed will look like and trying to post in real time, this one is for you. The best part is that there’s even a free option (yes, please!). Choose one day a month to sit down and upload all of your pics, choose captions, insert your fav hashtags, and set them to auto-post at your most optimal times. Now, you can go back to when social media was really social and use the app to engage!

  2. Tailwind-We’ve all heard the importance of Pinterest and how it can really move the needle in our business. However, we don’t all have hours upon hours to be pinning amazing chicken enchilada recipes and summer capsule wardrobes. Tailwind helps you to pre-schedule your pins for the most optimal times to up the chances of sending traffic your way. They even let you try it for free for up to 100 pins!

  3. Social Squares-Maybe you’re sitting down for your monthly Planoly Instagram planning sesh and you’re realizing you don’t have enough pics to fill your editorial calendar. Don’t stress! Stock photos are an easy way to add beautiful images to your feed to keep your posting schedule consistent.

  4. Pexels/Unsplash– If you’re looking for free stock photos to use, check out these!

  5. Canva– Wanting to make beautiful graphics but far from a graphic designer? Check out Canva! I’ve used them for countless projects and there’s a free option!

  6. Adobe Color– Have you ever wondered what the exact color was from a picture? I use Adobe Color to upload the image and it will automatically pull the hex code (the number name for the color) so that I can use it in future projects!

  7. Libsyn-If you’re looking to become a podcaster, this one is your best friend! This is where you’ll upload all of your episodes so that will the push of the schedule button, your episode is pushed to everywhere it needs to go: iTunes, Spotify, and so much more!

  8. Airtable– I could go on and on about how much I love and use AirTable. I use this organizational tool to keep up with content calendars, my podcast schedule, ideas, project management, etc. It’s free to use and It’s honestly one of my favorites on this list!

  9. HoneyBook– Get clients faster with our all-in-one project, invoicing and payments management toos. This is the exact tool I use with my virtual assistant clients. I’m able to send invoices, contracts, bookkeeping…they’ve thought of everything!

  10. Trello– Similar to Airtable, I use this with all of my clients to organize. You can certainly use one or the other, or if you’re like me, for both!

I hope that these are super helpful for you as you smash out your biggest goals. If you have other tools that I didn’t list, feel free to drop them in the comments below!