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Community Over Competition

I’ve been there. You’re worried if you help someone else with similar goals as you, then there won’t be room for the both of you to achieve the dream. The ugly green side of you can show it’s face and the fear of competition can boil up. It can sometimes feel like there’s only room for one successor. Here’s the thing about that mentality. Number one, the idea that there’s only room for one person at the top is a lie. The biggest thing wrong with this way of thinking is that you are seeing success as a vertical line with individual spots leading to the top, instead of a long table with room for everyone. There is power in community over competition.

When I picture success and achieving my goals, I like to think of a beautiful farmhouse table. It’s warm and inviting and somehow everyone feels as though they’ve known each other their whole lives. There’s all kinds of talents and gifts sitting around the table. Some are similar, some completely different. But each with their own unique touch.

Sometimes when we get caught up in how to be successful, we see others as competition. We see them as a threat. That if they succeed, I won’t be able to. We forget how powerful community over competition is.

The truth is that I can talk about the exact same topic as someone else, with even the same style…and yet somehow, I will effect the person listening differently than the person before me. Why? Because, we all have our own story, and quirks, and way of communicating that is so uniquely different and what makes us, us.

Don’t worry about trying so hard to be different or to fit in. Do the thing that brings you life and joy and let your unique touch to that thing shine through. Have confidence in the fact that you are good at that thing. There’s no one in this world that can add your unique touch. Because of you and what you bring to the table, the world is more special. It may not feel like the entire planet, but your world… and the people in it…they’re better off because you took a chance on yourself. Think of all of the people who said community over competition. Think if they would have flipped the script. Think if they would have missed out because they got the narrative wrong.

You matter. Your purpose matters. Your seat at the table is ready for you. Are you coming?

In the famous words of my Father-In-Law, “Take your time, but hurry up.”

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