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How to Create a Platform for Growth as a Young Professional with Chelsea Timmons The Fearless Chase Podcast with Madison Anaya

Creating your own platform for growth as a young professional can seem impossible!

Have you ever felt like you were climbed a ladder, only to realize it was placed on the wrong building? Today, my sweet friend Chelsea Timmons and I discuss what it’s like to pursue one career path, to then realize that it’s far from the one you want to be in.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. How to humble yourself for a beginners position in a new field once you’ve made it so high in a previous space.
  2. When your plans don’t come to fruition as you had hoped, find creative ways to fit a circle into a square! 
  3. What being a leader truly looks like-even in a beginners role.
  4. How newcomers who walk into a different industry then they are used to is likely to make newcomers the most successful.

Have you ever thought to yourself that it’s too late? Maybe you feel like you are too old. Or maybe you think you’re too far down one path. We’re here to give you a new perspective.

With breath in your lungs and a passion in your heart you can pursue any new career path you want. If you’re talented in one job but wish you could try something new, this is the episode for you!

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Thinking that being a full-time content creator might be the new thing you want to pursue? You’ll want to listen to this!