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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook and Instagram Ads with Brandi Mowles The Fearless Chase Podcast with Madison Anaya

Have you been looking to grow your business through marketing on social media but are overwhelmed with where to start? This episode is for you!

Facebook and Instagram Ads Marketing Expert Brandi Mowles is jumping on the show to share everything you need to know about Facebook and Instagram Ads.

It’s no secret that promoting can be intimidating. Knowing the strategy for how to do this can be overwhelming at times. Brandi shares with us why she chose to go with Facebook and Instagram ads as the route she chose to promote her own brand and why she thinks it’s worth it for others to do the same.

She shares her secret sauce to setting up Facebook and Instagram ads up in a way that really converts. I feel like any time I try, my conversions aren’t what I’m hoping for. Brandi tells us if there’s a certain amount we need to spend, a certain style of copy or graphics, timing, etc. She gives us the A-Z on how to set up the perfect ads for both platforms and the tips and tricks we need to know including the difference in boosted posts vs set up ads.

Marketing through ads can feel complicated, but it doesn’t have to. Hit play and learn everything you need to know about Facebook and Instagram ads.

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