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Finding Common Ground Through Storytelling

Finding common ground through storytelling has got to be one of my favorite ways to make friends. It can be easy to get caught up in the lie that we don’t have a story to tell or something that would be interesting to share with others, but the truth is we all have something to contribute.

In this episode, Courtney Wetzel reminds us to look back at what we’ve been through in our own lives and encourages us to use that to find common ground in community with others. One of my favorite lines in the whole podcast is when she shares to “stay in your own lane, yet invite other people in.” It can be easy to get caught up in comparison. In fact, I wrote an entire post over just that. 

She reminds us to learn what we choose to be our foundation to better understand what our story is.

It’s so important to let people help you. Find people who are passionate about their own thing and find a way to help each other.

It’s easy to look at someone who you think has zero in common with you and immediately write them off. However, you never know what value that person may have. You could be missing out on one of the greatest friendships you could ever have simply because you didn’t take the effort to find the common ground. 

No matter what your story’s details hold, I’ll bet you there are similarities between yours and mine and hers that all follow the same thread. 

Choose to be brave and go first. Be courageous and share your truth and your story. You could be giving someone else the hope and permission to share their own.

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