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Finding Quality Time in the Chaos of a Busy Life

with Jennifer Zumbiel

How many times have you been sitting in a room and looked around to only see every person staring at their phone? It’s scary to think that we can be more wrapped up in what people are posting on social media, than spending time with the people who have chosen to be with you. Time is the most valuable currency you have. You can’t buy more of it or get any back. This means every minute spent is a minute invested. If the people around you have chosen to spend their minutes with you, the ones they can never get back, than we should honor that by being present. As my best friend Katie always says, “hang up and hang out!”

In this episode, Jennifer shares with us how to win the competition against the screens in our life. It’s not about making sure you have amazing quality time with every person that matters, every single day. It’s about making the moments you do have full of quality. Jennifer walks us through how to turn those simple moments into the meaningful ones that grow our relationships.

3 Ways to Finding Quality Time in the Chaos of a Busy Life

  1. Look for ways to have easy conversation. Find ways to talk about deep conversations out of simple things surrounding you. This can be as easy as taking the message from a song playing on the radio or something you heard at work.

  2. Be intentional with your schedule. If you notice that from 6:00-6:30 everyone in the house is home before you part ways again, make that time count.

  3. Make eye contact. This one is HUGE! This connection really shows a physical cue that you are genuinely listening and invested in the person with you.

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