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It’s been more than a year since we last released an episode of The Fearless Chase podcast! Man does it feel good to be back and better than ever. At the end of last year, we announced that we were shifting away from business education and stepping fully into being an intentional living brand. We received SO much love and support. It means the world to know that you guys are excited about the changes happening around here. Sending a huge thank you to you!

In today’s episode, I am sharing the story of why we took a 14 month break from the show and what’s changing now that we’re officially back! In the past, we’ve been your go-to resource for business education and personal development. While we loved that season of our lives, we’re moving forward with our most authentic selves. AKA – we’re here to entertain and inspire you with candid, real-talk conversations. Get ready to chat about life, health, relationships, and more. I hope you are just as excited to dive back in as I am!

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The Fearless Chase Membership

If you’re a female in your 20’s or 30’s you know the struggle. Trying to defeat burnout, loneliness, and the frustration that can come from trying to achieve a real sense of balance in your life is no joke! You have so many goals, so many ideas, and so many dreams. You see the end result but you don’t know how to get there.

No, I’m not reading your journal, I just know what it’s like. But what if you could go from feeling frustrated to feeling freedom in the life you want to create? The Fearless Chase Membership is a one-of-a-kind community that focuses on the things that matter. We believe that within a community of like-minded women who want you to succeed, it’s possible to reach your goals and enjoy life along the way.

Here’s what one of our members had to say after joining the membership: “Being a part of The Fearless Chase has truthfully been one of the biggest blessings I’ve encountered in my life. That’s how big of an impact it’s had on me! While the tips and tricks from experts have been so useful in my daily life, it’s the people that keep me. Being in your 20’s and 30’s can be super lonely, but The Fearless Chase feels like an inclusive club. It feels like getting coffee with friends on a Tuesday. This is just the place to be!”

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The Fearless Chase Conference:

Calling allll of my FC besties! Look, I love that you love your work! And although you’ve found a career that lights you up, spending time in front of your computer can get a bit lonely. Not only that, but trying to find friends who relate to the desires you have for your life can be absolutely exhausting. But we have good news for you! We’re hosting an IN-PERSON conference THIS fall and YOU are invited! You can join me and The Fearless Chase Community in Austin, Texas on Saturday, August 6th. 

Rest assured we will be browsing through local boutiques in our pop-up shop, sippin’ on local coffee, and having the ultimate girls’ day together. On top of all of that, this conference is an opportunity for you to learn, grow and connect in real life with women who are in the thick of building an intentional life. Women just like you! Once againm The Fearless Chase Conference is happening August 6th in Austin, Texas! You can sign up for the waitlist now here!