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What to Do When People Say No to Your Dreams with Megan Stratton The Fearless Chase Podcast with Madison Anaya

Have you ever wondered what to do when people say no to your dreams? Something that every dreamer runs into at some point is the answer no. This can be so crushing, especially if it’s a hard ask to begin with. For me, I’ve heard no in so many different situations. Over the past year I’ve received the dreaded response from people I really admire declining coming on the show to close friends thinking my next big idea isn’t something I should pursue. Something that I’ve personally struggled with in the past what to do after hearing no.


In this episode of The Fearless Chase Podcast I’m sharing an honest conversation with my friend Megan Stratton about the biggest no she’s ever received and how instead of letting that be her final stop in chasing her dreams, she let it be the fuel to the fire to get her to where she knew she could be. We dig into how she got past hearing that the job she wanted would interview twenty other people before ever considering her, what she did to prove them wrong, and her secret to staying on top of her game despite still hearing no. She shares her insight on if hearing no changes at different levels of your career and what advice she would give the dreamers out there who are letting the fear of hearing no hold her back.

If you’re struggling with what to do after hearing no, this is the episode for you! If you loved this episode, be sure to share this gift of grace with a friend.

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