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How to Avoid Burnout

One of the questions I get all the time is how to avoid burnout. Whether it’s a new season, new month, or heck if it’s just a new week I get so excited about starting fresh and working towards new exciting goals. One of the biggest things that has distracted me in the past from reaching the goals I set out for was hitting that wall we’ve all encountered-BURNOUT.

In this episode I’m sharing how and why I got started with podcasting, educating, and personal growth.

In this episode you’ll learn all of these and so much more:

  1. How to prioritize what’s important in the season you’re in and being okay with saying “no.”
  2. Why you really do need to pick one thing to focus on. Enneagram 7’s brace your heart!
  3. What to surround yourself with when you’re going after a really big goal.
  4. The difference between internal and external motivation and what that looks like.

Whether you’re a CEO or an intern, if you want to grow you’re going to learn how to be beginner and give yourself the grace to do so.

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