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How to Be More Confident in Yourself with Joelle Elizabeth Bradfield

Have you been searching for an answer on how to be more confident in yourself? This is something that all entrepreneurs have struggled with at one point or another! Self-confidence is truly the epitome of starting a business. Its what gets you up in the morning. It leads you to step out of your comfort zone and do the things you are afraid to do! It silences the little voice in your head that you ‘aren’t good enough’ or “aren’t ever going to make it.” Self confidence is really the super power we all need to be successful. And once you’re in the thick of it – self confidence is truly the thing that keeps you going.

But having a lack of self confidence can hold us back in all of these areas! If anyone knows a thing or two about self-confidence it’s Joelle Elizabeth.

Working with clients in the brand and boudoir photography space, she’s constantly helping women feel confident in themselves, their bodies, and their business. In this episode, she’s sharing her top tips for how to be more self-confident.

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