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How to Be Successful with Personal Growth

Dave Hollis says, “You’re either growing or you’re dying.” Personal growth is not something you do until you achieve a goal. Choosing personal growth is choosing a lifetime of development. It’s always striving to live your very best life. We’re only given so much time on this earth, and as for me, I want to spend it doing what I was made for. I don’t want to wake up and do the same thing each and every day. I want to be challenged and pushed. I want to strive for new goals and fail all along the journey getting there. Yes, you read that right. I want to fail along the journey. Why on earth would I want to do that? Because I know what success takes. Success is not just reaching a goal. It’s that amazing feeling you understand because it has been built on failure, after failure. In order to be successful, we have to grow.

How to be Successful in Personal Growth

So how do we grow?

We grow by putting ourselves in positions that are uncertain. We push ourselves outside of our boundaries and broaden our territory. I have made a choice to intentionally live in uncertainty. Here’s how I can accomplish this. If something seems too big for me, if my dream sounds too outlandish.. that’s the one I’m going for. That’s the one I am going to take a chance on myself on. We put so much hope and trust in others, why on earth can’t we do it with ourselves? You may think you know how far you can go, but I am going to challenge you to push further. When you feel like you have to quit, when you’ve failed, push harder. Successful people aren’t successful because they never failed. They are successful because they got back up again and again. They are resilient. They believe in their dream. They are pushing for something bigger than themselves. Your huge dreams don’t have to look like mine. Your outrageous dream may be to be more kind, or to be an exceptional mom. Your dreams are just that, yours. They don’t have to make sense to anyone but you. If it’s in your heart chase it like your life depends on it, because it does. “You’re either growing, or you’re dying.”

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