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How to build a business doing the things that you love

Have you caught yourself Pinteresting how to build a business doing the things that you love? Girl, I’ve been there! I remember sitting at the desk of my 9-5 job, dreaming of ways I could spend my time. I wanted to do the things that I actually loved AND get paid for it – because lets face it, we have all got bills to pay!

Today styling expert Beth Goodrham shares the secrets to success so that you too can build a business doing the things that you love!

3 Ways to Build a Business Doing the Things That You Love

Identifying your your core values.

Building a business has several layers. One of those foundational layers is understanding what your core values are as a person. Then as CEO. Spend time deciding what those will look like in your business and how that will thread throughout all the different elements as you grow and expand.

Not listening to those inner voices of doubt.

It’s no secret that anytime you take a chance on yourself that you inner voice of doubt will start to creep in. I can’t think of a single person who went after something huge and didn’t struggle with the “what if” game. The key to succeeding in building a business doing the things that you love is to push those voices of doubt to the side and combat them with the truth you know inside. Which PS. the truth is God wouldn’t give you those amazing big dreams just to live in your head. Of course you’ll encounter challenges and setbacks, just keep going. It’s always worth it on the other side. Nothing worth having comes quick and easy.

Being gracious to yourself when you don’t know the answers and when you make mistakes.

You don’t know what you don’t know. If you want to build a business doing the things that you love you’re going to have to allow yourself the grace to be a beginner. My friend Rachel Hollis says it best- “You have to be willing to suck for as long as it takes to be good.” Are you willing to? Are you willing to put your pride to the side and let yourself fail again and again until you reach that thing you’ve put so much time and energy and resources into? Give yourself the grace you would give to your best friend. I can tell you right now you’ve already got the tough love department covered, let’s work on this one now!

Building a business is tough. If I would have known all of the things it was going to take from the very start, I don’t know that I ever would have started. I probably would have got stuck in analysis paralysis land. While it’s one of the hardest and challenging things I’ve ever done, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. If you have it on your heart to start a business, do it! There will never be a perfect time or place. Put it on the calendar and just keep moving forward.

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