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This past Sunday I woke up and thought, “there is no way I’m going to church. I am so tired and I don’t want to even think about dealing with this mess of hair, let alone take a shower.” But then something urged me to push past the feeling of “I don’t want to” and encouraged me to go anyways.

I am so thankful that I listened to that voice inside of me, because the message was spot on what I needed to hear, and I’m going to guess that you need it too!

The gap between expectation and reality is disappointment. -Pastor Elisha

So often I find myself stuck in disappointment. I truly believe in my heart that things should happen a certain way and somehow, more often than not, they play out a different way. Can you relate?

When I was younger my mom used to tell me that I set my expectations too high and that I would always be disappointed if I kept that way. I recently read in Lysa Terkeurst’s new book, It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way, something that blew me away. We were made perfect, but sin was brought into the world. Sin is what keeps us from perfect, but our nature already knows what it’s like to be perfect. We will always long for it because we know that at one point it was possible.

Being disappointed is inevitable, but staying in disappointment is dangerous. A lot of times we are asking for God to fix our situations a certain way, but what if what God wanted to do in our lives came in a different form than what we thought. Sometimes we get stuck in believing that God can do it, but won’t do it for us. Jesus approaches situations differently than we do. 

Stories of how God does things differently than we do is flooded throughout the bible-our strong king and savior came as a baby born in a manger. I’m going to guess that’s not what people had in mind when they heard God was sending His son.

One story that stands out to me is in John 5. There’s a man who has been paralyzed for over 30 years. He keeps trying to make it to this pool of water that supposedly has healing powers, but every time he tries to go, people get in the way and he can’t make it in. One day Jesus, stops by and asks the man if he wants to be healed. The man, not knowing that the guy asking him was Jesus, told him his excuse for why he couldn’t be healed (because he couldn’t make it to the water).

So many times we get in the way of our own blessing because we make excuses of why it couldn’t happen for us, and we put God in a box of how he should answer our prayers instead of trusting in His plan.

Jesus responded to the man’s excuses with by telling the man to get up and walk and the guy actually did! He was healed just like that. The man believed that the only way he could be healed was if God could get him to the water, but Jesus showed him that God’s way isn’t our way; he doesn’t need magic healing water to bless us.

Give God your expectations. Let go of how you think it will or should happen and let God do it His way (it’s probably way better of a plan anyways!)

Stop focusing on the How of the miracle and start focusing on The Who of the miracle.

What excuses are you making that are keeping you from your blessing?