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How to Efficiently Create Content That is Authentic and Effective

Have you been struggling with how to efficiently create content that is authentic and effective? Girl, I’ve been there. In this episode expert storyteller, Natalie Tischler is sharing with us how to do just that. Something that I see a lot of people struggling with when it comes to content is consistency. I think that people either don’t know what to talk about or they get overwhelmed with planning it all out. We struggle with always being authentic while also trying to juggle being effective with our goals. Natalie breaks down her 6 tips and tricks on how we can get better at this.

1. Craft good stories.

If you’re wanting to create content that is authentic and effective, it starts with crafting your story. Know the problem you’re trying to solve and why; get clear on what you prioritize, the things that energize you, how you show up in the world, and what you’re known for–and why; because these are your core values and mission and where your authenticity lies. Your mission and values become themes of the stories that connect with your ideal customer.

2. In order to be productive, one must be efficient and effective.

Effectiveness comes from clarity in your message and solving the right problem, and efficiency comes from optimizing your existing day to allow for consistent yet spontaneous creation within a strategic plan. Muses don’t arrive when we come knocking and say, “Hey I’m ready to create something brilliant!” But our rituals can allow for the assimilation of information that prompts inspiration.

3. Edit.

Check your ego at the door and get unfinished work in front of people you trust. You create more efficiently when you’re not trying to get it perfect on the first try. Refine. This is where having a tribe or mastermind comes in so handy and essentially.

4. How you go about sharing the stories you’ve created.

We’ve crafted the stories, but how are we going to tell them? Do you love being seen? Do you love being heard? What energizes you? This informs how you should go about sharing the value you create–how you solved the problem. There’s no right or wrong here–only what aligns with your values and themes. The point is to know what you’re doing in your business that shows people that you have something they should pay for. Create value, share stories, and establish yourself as an expert; and in order to become more effective at this: measure people’s responses to your creations, the ways you shared them, and how you solved their problems.

6. Last but not least, PLAY.

Create for fun. This is when your voice comes through freely. Creativity is a muscle–exercise it!

Creating content that is authentic and effective is one of the most valuable things you can bring to your work. It marries together creativity and boundaries in a way that truly serves people the most.

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