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Peg Theobald, the voice behind The Honest Mom, is jumping on the show to talk about how to find healthy boundaries in life and business! Here are her top tips from the show:

1. Protect your heart/energy: Look at your relationships and determine which relationships fill you up and which relationships drain you. Then, arrange your life in a way where you are spending most of your time with the people that fill you up (and that you can help fill up, too).

2. Carve out time to take care of yourself – Physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. (For one example: I schedule make time to read every morning before work.)

3. Avoid complaining/complacency – If you’re not happy about your situation with your personal life or business, then change it, or settle in. No one will make your goals happen…that’s on you. 

4. Start as you intend to go on. As you start your business, set up expectations and boundaries with your coworkers, peers, audience (fill-in-the-blank), that you want to have for the long haul. (Example: I have set up communication expectations with the women I mentor—that I would get back to them in 1 business day with their questions. If they have an emergency, they know to call me.)

5. Give yourself grace to not have everything figured out as you start your business. You can learn as you go. No one wants to follow/learn from a “perfect” person anyway. Perfect is boring an unrelatable.

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