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The Secret Behind a Successful Book Launch Team

Whether you’re an aspiring author or just someone who loves to read and be a part of a book launch team, this episode is for you. Our expert, Anna LeBaron has been a part of several New York Times Best Selling book launches and is here to share all the deets. She dives into a bit about how she escaped a cult and how that has shaped who she is today.

We’re digging into the secret behind a successful book launch team and what it takes to make it work!

  1. Energy doesn’t just create itself. You have to lead the team with high energy.
  2. Launch teams should be very engaging and fun to be a part of. The thing that people get wrong with this is when they have so many goals they’re trying to hit and that’s all they’re focused on. The point of a launch team is gathering a group of people who love the author, love the book, and want to spread the message of that as far as they can.
  3. As a book launch leader, your job is to take the efforts that people are willing to give and give them direction. You won’t always get the same amount of effort from everyone on the team. The key is to take what you’re working with and see what you can make of it.

Being a part of a book launch team is not only incredibly fun, but it’s a great way to support the authors that you love. If you’re an aspiring author, I highly recommend you be a part of another author’s launch team. Show the support you hope to receive one day and always remember that there’s enough room at the table for us all.

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