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Take Care of Business By Taking Care of Yourself

If you’re feeling like you’re hitting burnout, it may not be the dream you’re chasing that’s the problem. While there are seasons for hitting hard, we often forget that even within that season learning how to take care of yourself is vital for success.

Let me paint this picture for you to see if you resonate. You wake up already feeling behind, cake on the concealer in hopes that those bags can look a little less terrifying, grab a latte with extra espresso, take a look at your to-do list, panic, frantically try to reply to emails, texts, and DM’s, completely skip lunch, realize it’s 3pm and you haven’t eaten, power through, grab takeout for dinner while still working on that project, knock out, and repeat the next day.

There was a time when this was my reality and I’m going to guess that if you’re listening to this, there may be a hint that it’s yours as well.

In this episode, Founder of Cacti Wellness, a wellness and productivity brand, Kira Jones is jumping on to share her best advice on how to take care of your business while taking care of yourself.

Kira unpacks the truth behind living a busy life and how sometimes it can feel like self-care isn’t important enough to make it on our calendar but in actuality how we can’t afford not to.

We’re talking all things self-care-and yes it’s more than just bubble baths and wine.

Knowing how to take care of your business while taking care of yourself will not only help you reach your dreams, but will help you enjoy the journey while you do it.

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