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How to Talk About Money and Not Feel Awkward

Today we are discussing how to talk about money and not feel awkward. That’s right- we’re talking about financial freedom! Can I get an Amen?  Zena Amundsen is bringing the heat and walking us through three tangible steps of how to reach our own financial freedom.

Zena is an Author, Speaker and Certified Financial Planner trying to change the financial world by adding heart to business and money.  She is the Founder of Astra Financial Services, Women Wine and Wealth Regina.

Zena inspires women to take control of their finances by nurturing a connection to money.  Understanding family money values has been a part of her own journey to financial freedom, and she now uses her education and her passion to educate individuals on financial topics.

Three Tangible Steps of How to Talk About Money and Not Feel Awkward

  1. Understanding your money history. Did you come from a place of scarcity or abundance? Looking back at how money was talked about in your home growing up. How has your past shaped how you view your relationship with money.
  2. Being intentional with your money and organizing it. This one is probably the hardest. You could make $500k a year or $5K a year, and you still won’t like looking at how much you have coming in and how much you have coming out. We need to quantify and qualify what is coming in verses what’s going out. Is what we’re spending our money on going to help us get to our goals? Am I saving? If you’re like me and you intentionally ignore it, this step is going to be your biggest challenge and powerhouse.
  3. Finding community. Surround yourself with people who are going to support and love you. Find a friend to have discussions with about being on track with your financial goals. Think about it- some of us are more likely to share intimate sex details before we will share anything about our finances.

Bonus Tip:Find an advisor for accountability and coaching.

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Zena’s Book- The Heart of Your Money



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