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How to Understand and Share Your Story with Dominique Williams

5 Ways to Understand and Share Your Story

1. Know yourself

Learn about who you are. What you like and dislike. How you interact with the world is a key part to learning your story.

2. Remember where you come from

We are a combination of a lot of people and a lot of places. Learning who shapes you, where it all started, and you you’re doing this for all goes into knowing who you are and what your story to share with the world is. You need to know who created and paved the way for you. It keeps you humbled and grounded to the work you do.

3. Know your story is valid and valuable

A lot of times we feel like our story is too unbelievable, or too plain, or not interesting enough. Simply being created by the creator, who had a purpose in mind, validates our story. We all have something to contribute and we shouldn’t take it for granted. It’s a part of what makes us different, but it’s also something that can celebrate us. Don’t buy into the lie that if you don’t come from a hard story that your story doesn’t matter. Your truth doesn’t have to match someone else’s.

4. Express yourself

A lot of times storytelling gets pigeon hole’d into writing or communication, but sometimes storytelling looks like whatever gift you’ve been given and how you share it with the world. Whatever medium or media speaks to you, invest in that and use it to express yourself and your gifts. Practice the gifts you’ve been given- they’re skills and they have to be honed in on to grow. Someone else needs the skills and gifts you have. No one else can share your story like you can. Don’t fall into the trap of “it’s already been done, so I can’t do it.” To do your story justice you need to grow it. Talents without work do nothing. Everyone has a raw talent- you have to grow it and cultivate it to fulfill the purpose they were made for. Somebody needs the thing you say the way you can say it.

5. Be you

It can be so easy to try to be someone else. God can’t bless who you pretend to be. He can only bless who you are. We can’t pretend to be someone else and hope for the same results. We weren’t made to follow someone else’s path. We were made uniquely with our own path to follow and it requires trusting God.

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