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How to Up Your Confidence Game with Erin Stoll

1. Do it now. Don’t wait for Perfect!

Just GO FOR IT! I So many of us waste our lives waiting till we are a different size, have a different outfit, a different job. The truth is, we just need to jump in now. It’s NEVER to late to do what you want to do.

2. It’s always fine to be a little bit Fancy

This is part of Erin’s style philosophy. Style and confidence go hand in hand. Wear the nice shoes on a Tuesday. Don’t wait to wear what you want and don’t worry about following too many “rules” in fashion. Erin guides women and helps them style their outfits so they look their very best, but what works for one woman doesn’t work for the next. Be YOU. 

3. Don’t let your size determine your worth.

This one is SO HARD TO DO. Most of us struggle with this. Overall Erin has learned that the size of a pair of jeans is arbitrary. It’s how we feel that matters. She truly believes that if you feel good in an outfit you look good, no matter what size you are. Clothes have a tremendous impact on women! We don’t want to admit it but its absolutely true. How many times have you had a great day then you try on your jeans and they feel tight? Or you go into a dressing room and your “normal” size doesn’t fit. Or how much money have you spent on an outfit you don’t really like but you want to fit in with the Mom’s at school, or because its “on trend.” While we shouldn’t let something like a number on a tag in our jeans have that much power over our mood, or thinking that the “perfect” outfit will bring us happiness, we can’t deny that when we have on an outfit that fits our body, is comfortable, or makes us feel powerful–we really can take on the day-whatever that looks like for you. You can get dressed without all the other drama getting in the way. You know what to put on to feel great, you know that when you open your closet you LOVE everything inside, it ALL fits and you move on and focus on your family, your career, your relationships–the REALLY important stuff!

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