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I Know Where I'm At, I Know Where I'm Going, What About the In Between?

I Know Where I’m At, I Know Where I’m Going, What About the In Between?

“I have nothing to offer this world. There is nothing unique or special about me.”

These are the words that have circled my mind throughout my life.

I listen to business advice after business advice, all asking the same thing. “What solution can you offer someone and how can you do it different than all the rest of the world?”

My answer every time- I honestly don’t know. 

This has frustrated me time and time again. I feel like my entrepreneur heart is running faster than the ideas in my head can keep up with.

What I’ve come to peace with is the fact that God has placed this fiery passion in my heart for a reason. I don’t have to know all the answers yet. (Which, let me just point out, drives me up the wall. I am not chill about this part) I believe that sometimes God isn’t looking for us to have to answers to move us to the next season, he’s looking for our readiness to trust in Him.

Trusting in him means believing that he has given you all the gifts and talents you need to be able to handle what he gives you. It means being able to say yes when you feel that heart thumping opportunity to move. Trusting in Him means learning to be okay with not knowing all the steps. 

I am sure of where I am and I have a clear vision in my heart of where I am going. Trusting in God for all the steps in between is how I’ll reach that sweet sweet dream I hold so dear.