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Imposter Syndrome The Fearless Chase Podcast with Madison Anaya

Have you ever been going after a big goal, you’ve finally taken some of those first steps then BAMB! You’re hit with imposter syndrome.

Not familiar with this term? How about the feeling like it’s only a matter of time before others realize you’re a fraud. Or the worry that others will think you’re just trying to become someone else when really deep down you’re going after something that has never made you feel more like you in your whole life.

Imposter Syndrome

Trying something new or going after something near to your heart can be scary. It causes you to be push out of your comfort zone and stretch to grow as a person.

In this mini-episode, I sit down with you over chai tea lattes and chat about this thing that so many ask me about- imposter syndrome.

I share my own personal struggles on how I overcome the feeling of being fraudulent or fake and what techniques I’ve used in my own life to combat letting imposter syndrome hold me back from what I want to accomplish.

If you loved this episode, I know you’re going to totally dig this one!

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