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Incorporating Faith, Fitness, and Wellness Into Your Every Day Life with Tayler Jordan The Fearless Chase Podcast with Madison Anaya

Many of us struggle with incorporating faith, fitness, and wellness into your every day life.

With the beginning of a new year upon us, we often find ourselves thinking about what we want for our lives in the next 365 days of our lives. We ask ourselves what our word of the year will be, what intentions we want to set, and what goals we hope to accomplish.

We examine the previous year and decide what we want to leave behind as we ring in the new year and determine who we want to be and the lifestyle we hope to maintain. Most goals are found in the categories of personal growth, faith, fitness, and wellness. Today, we’re unpacking how we can be successful with some of our goals in these areas. Fitness expert Tayler Jordan is sharing her best game plan for how we can start incorporating faith, fitness, and wellness into our every day life.

In this episode you’ll learn:

-What you need to include in your morning routine and why it matters

-How to establish a workout routine that works for you and the lifestyle you want

-What struggles hold most women back from even trying

-How to not only create new habits, but how to turn them into a lifestyle of faith, fitness, and wellness.

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