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Learning How to Celebrate the Small Things in Life

Learning how to celebrate the small things in life is honestly kind of hard for me. Being an enneagram seven I love to celebrate, but I’m always on to the next thing. It doesn’t matter how big of an accomplishment I just hit, I have a really hard time slowing down to celebrate that win because I already feel behind on the next thing I want to do. Sound familiar?

In this episode I invited my friend, fellow enneagram seven, and the celebration queen, Allison Carter to come on and share with us her tips and tricks for learning how to celebrate the small things in life both big and small.

Being a fellow enneagram seven, Allison knows the struggle I have of wanting to jump to the next thing before slowing down to celebrate the current thing. Her reality inspires me to slow my rolls and look around at what I can be grateful for and celebrate everyday. 

One of my favorite visualizations that she gives us is to turn the volume up on the right things in life so that we can really live into a life full of confidence and joy.

It’s crazy sometimes what we allow to have the loudest voice in our day-to-day life. Allison reminds us that we get the choice of what gets priority.

Choosing to celebrate the small things in life means living life intentionally. It means giving meaning and joy to the things we’re working so hard towards. After all, we’re already doing pretty well on the self-critic side of things, why not move on over to the cheerleader side for a bit.


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