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Managing Stress as an Entrepreneur

It’s no secret that as entrepreneurs we tend to deal with a high level of stress on a pretty regular basis. I think for a lot of us that’s kind of the name of the game and learning to manage the stress has made it’s way to the bottom of the list.

Managing Stress as an Entrepreneur

You set out for success with quarterly goals – mapping out how to achieve them in your daily routine. Everything seems great. Your clients are happy. You’re hitting the checkboxes you set for yourself. Heck you’re even ahead of the game by a whole two days.

Then BAMB!

Something happens that completely throws you off your game. You mixed up the dates you promised your clients you’d have them their work by. You forgot to hit save and lost an entire month’s worth of content that took you days to write. You look up and realize that you haven’t posted on Instagram in a month.

Already breaking out in hives just thinking about it?

In this episode, I’m opening up the conversation with holistic health expert Victoria Franca to talk about managing stress as an entrepreneur.

The stress is bound to happen at some point. The key is to be prepared ahead of time with how to manage it.

Wondering if you’re the only one struggling with your particular vice? We dig into the most common habits we turn to when we’re stressed and how we can replace them with healthy ones to set us back on track for success.

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