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Hey guys, today I am talking with Marlena Burton. After battling her own fight with cancer and feeling the emotional and physical scars it left, Marlena decided to start something that she had never seen done before. She started Still Here, Still Sexy, a company dedicated towards helping cancer survivors feel confident + sexy in their own skin. They create unique, temporary tattoo art that beautifies scars left behind cancer. These tattoo bras are making a huge difference in the lives of survivors and I can’t wait for y’all to here more about it from the creator and mastermind behind it all, Marlena Burton.

I actually came across Marlena when watching my very first video of Marie Forlio’s on YouTube. Marlena had called in about needing the encouragement to push the go button on her website for her brand new company and I am so thankful that she decided to do it! After listening to this episode, I know you’re going to be glad she did too!

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