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How to Build and Grow a Lifestyle Brand with Mica May

If you’re someone who loves listening to business podcasts, you’ve more than likely heard the buzzword lifestyle brand. In the words of May, Designs Founder + CEO Mica May, a lifestyle brand is something you pick up or put on that can bring delight in your every day life. It’s an extension of inviting people in and helping them create magical experiences for their every day moments. In today’s episode we dig into how to build and grow a lifestyle brand.

How to Build and Grow a Lifestyle Brand

Know What Your End Game Is

A lot of people know their why, but they don’t always put emphasis on a true end game goal. As women, we often shy away from the conversations of finance and profitability. However, to truly grow a business you have to take an honest look at and create goals around it. You need to decide what are your plans for profits, what amounts will you reinvest, how much will you pay yourself, etc. For people starting out, it doesn’t matter if you’re making $100 a month or a million dollars a month, you have to decide what profitability system you’re going to work with now.

If you’re questioning whether you can hire someone or move into a new space, the answer is in the numbers. That’s why it’s so important to implement some sort of system as early on as you can and then stay laser focused to that.

Knowing Where You’re Going is the Beginning to Knowing How You’re Going to Get There

There are a million different paths you can take to reach your end goal but if you never have a clear end goal in mind in the first place you’ll never reach anything. If you aim for nothing, you’ll reach it every time.

You Have to Love the Journey.

You can’t be overwhelmed and anxious about reaching the end. Have a plan and hold it loosely. If you’re so focused on your own little plan you may miss some of the greatest things that can come along.

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