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What Role Does Your Mind Play? Miriam Buttu The Fearless Chase Podcast with Madison Anaya

In this episode on The Fearless Chase I have the privilege of speaking to one of my favorite interviewers, my friend Miriam Buttu. She’s the host of The Power and Potential Podcast which I had the honor of being a part. She’s huge on serving women by guiding them to a deeper sense of self-understanding and self-love so that they can design and live a life they absolutely love. A question she often asks the women she serves is “what role does your mind play?” In this episode she’s digging into mindset and what role it plays in shaping who we are and what we can become.

Best Friend or Worst Enemy-What Role Does Your Mind Play?

We’ve all been in a space where we feel like for one reason or another we can’t seem to motivate ourselves to do the things we know we should be doing in order to reach our biggest goals. Miriam breaks down how the mind works when it comes to shaping our behaviors and how can we use this knowledge to shape the life we ultimately want for ourselves.

In order for us to understand what role our mind plays in our life it starts with being intentional with these three things.

3 Easy Ways to Transform Your Mindset

  1. Awareness: How we can start paying more attention to our thoughts and our emotions?
  2. Identifying Fears. Start noticing our fears and how fear shows up (paralysis, procrastination, avoidance, distractions, anxiety, etc.)
  3. Taking a closer look at your insecurities. How our insecurities might be holding us back and making us play small.

Your mind has the power of being your best friend or your worst enemy. The best part is that you have the power to choose. So my question to you is, what role does your mind play?

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My interview on Miriam’s show, The Power and Potential Podcast

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