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Moving Past Other People's Opinions

Moving Past Other People’s Opinions

Do you feel that you are stuck trying to move past other people’s opinions? This is such a common struggle in the entrepreneur world! We are constantly sharing with others. That is 100% of our job! So it is to be expected that we get a million opinions on everything we decide to do.

When stepping out of a traditional job to chase an entrepreneur career, it is typical to receive push back from people who don’t know you or understand your dreams. But what happens when your closest friends and family members also have an opinion? What happens if it is not necessarily in support of your goals? In many situations, the people who care about you most only want to protect you. They may not want to see the potential of you getting hurt while taking risks, but their lack of support can still be painful!

In today’s episode, Grace McGohan shares her story about achieving goals that may seem out of reach to many people. According to her, moving past other people’s opinions isn’t as out of reach as we may think! We jump into a conversation on how to tune out the opinions of others – strangers or not – and how to keep chasing your dreams regardless of how others feel.

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