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If there was a tween coming of age movie for business the overarching theme would be owning who you are and setting boundaries in business. It’s the thing that we think we have a handle on until we quickly realize we don’t and sometimes it takes having our best friend sidekick to pivot our point of view just a little bit to help us figure it out for ourselves. Lucky for us, this movie, or rather episode, comes with our very own best friend to do just that. In this week’s episode of The Fearless Chase Podcast mental health counselor Rachel Ann Dine is jumping on to show us the way.

In our conversation Rachel Ann shares about:

1. Starting the journey of owning who you are by increasing self-awareness asking yourself a set of questions.

2. Taking a deep dive into understanding your personality traits and unique qualities by busting them out.

3. Acknowledging all the things that make you great, unique, and wonderful but also the pieces that you know you could improve upon. Learning to see the improvements as a learning opportunity versus a negative.

4. Working to develop your own personal style in life and business by not engaging in comparison trap thinking, bringing the focus back to you to build the foundation of owning self, and learning to be comfortable with who you are.

You are so unbelievably awesome just the way you are. It’s time the world knows it by owning who you are and setting boundaries in business!

Where to Find Rachel Ann | Website | Instagram

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