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Profit Generating Daily Routines

Profit-generating daily routines are crucial to running a business! As an entrepreneur, your lifestyle is a pillar of your brand and business success. Therefore, it is so important to spend your time on and offline efficiently.

We have all seen that Instagram and other social media platforms can be the key to getting your business name out there. But do you often find yourself scrolling through the endless Instagram abyss, not knowing exactly what you’re aiming for? Many of us know the influencers on Instagram who have broken the seemly impossible code of generating profit from social media, but it leaves us wondering how? How can we be intentional about using our time on Instagram for profit?

In this episode, Ashton Smith breaks down exactly what her profit-generating daily routines look like. How do I develop profit-generating tasks? What do they need to look like? How do I set strict time boundaries for social media in order to use the platforms efficiently? How do I cultivate a community within my audience? And most importantly, she breaks down how to create a profiting daily routine that is not only obtainable but also possible to maintain in the long run!

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