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Self Care Through Healing Your Skin with Your Pure Face Katie Morris

Looking back at my teenage years I can’t think of a time when my face wasn’t completely covered in acne. I envied the girls who had beautiful, perfect skin – especially the ones who didn’t have to do anything to get it!

I tried EVERYTHING. From cashing in my babysitting money to get Proactive to seeing a dermatologist, you name it I tried it. Acne as a teenager is pretty brutal but also expected.

Self-Care Through Healing Your Skin

But what do you do when you experience it for the first time as an adult? How do you navigate the feelings of insecurity and frustration?

In this episode of The Fearless Chase Podcast, we’re taking a look at self-care through a different lens. We’re digging into how we can put a focus on self-care through healing your skin.

I’m sitting down with Katie Morris of Your Pure Face as we discuss what true self-care means and how it affects our self-confidence. We hit on daily practices to help you be more intentional about self-care and how to holistically heal your skin.

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