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Self-Confidence, Comparison, and Not Feeling Enough with Monica Denais

monica denais smiles in therapy office


Raise your hand if you struggle with self-confidence, comparison, and not feeling enough…

*Both hands are waving in the air over here!*

If we’re being honest, staying on the right side of the line between feeling inspired and comparing ourselves is difficult. Especially when it’s with someone who is living a life you want to have! Look, it’s 2022, and we’re here for an aesthetic moment. We live for a beautiful space to live and work in. However, it can be easy to shift into the mindset that your life isn’t good enough when it’s not perfectly aesthetic in every way.

We scroll TikTok and see the perfect morning routines with the all white houses, expensive loungewear sets, and green smoothies made in high dollar blenders. Yet, for most of us this isn’t exactly what our lives look like. Shifting from seeking aesthetic moments rather than seeking a fully aesthetic life is key to enjoying the beautiful things in our lives without obsessing over the areas that may not be as perfect.

In this episode our FC resident therapist Monica digs into how to build self-confidence and assurance with ourselves. We truly are enough! She shares her best tactics for what to do when comparison hits and how to navigate the spiral that usually comes from it. One of my favorite takeaways from this episode is:

How We Can Be Better at Self-Validation:

  1. Ask for the opinion of others LESS
  2. Voice feelings directly without back-peddling
  3. Lean into hard conversations and conflicts in a healthy way

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Where to Find Monica:

Follow Monica on Instagram and check out her website here.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Inside Out Movie

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