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Hey friend I am so beyond excited for today’s episode because today is our 100th episode celebration! It’s crazy to think that this idea I had almost two years ago has brought us so far together. 

We’ve learned from some of the most amazing women and men on this show and I thought instead of doing just a normal episode that we would do something a little more special. I wanted to celebrate with this community as if we were all together at a party.

 Except this party isn’t one of those ones where you have to worry about getting super dressed up or having everything perfect. 

In fact, I want you to picture yourself along with the rest of the others of us in this community all crammed in my living room. I’m talking sitting on the floor, no make-up, track shorts and a t-shirt, gossip girl playing in the background, eating mouthfuls of chips and guac, sleepover style hang out except I’m kicking you out at the end of the night because I can only hang until about 10 pm and then I crash.

This community has meant so much to me and while we can’t all celebrate in person, I wanted to celebrate by bringing the party to you! Today I’ve asked a handful of previous guests to jump back on and answer these 4 questions.

1. What fears held you back the most in throughout your journey?

2. What helped you move past those fears?

3.  Who have you admired and looked up to throughout your journey?

4. Why should others chase after their dreams?

Like summer camp style, each person will take their turn sharing their story and I’ll close us out by answering them too. Are you ready? Let’s dig in!

Want to keep the party going? Here’s where to find our special guests!

Stephanie Ann Bagley

Joelle Elizabeth Bradfield

Chrissy Papetti

Elise Hodge

Renae Fieck

Toi Sweeney

Shannon Lutz

Madison Anaya

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