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The Art of Taking Imperfect Action with Lauren Grayson

You know the famous Nike phrase, “just do it?” It’s one that has run through my head every time I’m about to take a huge leap of faith without any indication of a safety net below. Leaving my corporate job, throwing my first women’s event, starting a podcast. While some people may think it’s impulsive to take a leap of faith, I know it’s the only way to answer the question “what if?” Sure, some of them don’t work out. Take the time I tried to go for the Zooey Deschanel look in high school, box dyed my own hair and ended up with black ends and fire red roots for example. However, some of them have turned out to be the greatest decision I’ve ever made and the only way I could have ever known is to just try. The thing about trying is you can’t wait for things to be perfect – they never will be. You have to learn the art of taking imperfect action. In this episode of The Fearless Chase Podcast I’m sitting down with brand strategist and business educator Lauren Grayson of Embracing Edge to hear her top tips and tricks for how to take imperfect action. Because remember, done is better than perfect!

Lauren Grayon’s Story

Growing up Lauren was always driven and determined to get to do what she wanted to do. She always felt like she was made for something more that wasn’t conventional by any standards. She decided to try college and several odd jobs but nothing ever really seemed to be for her. By the time she was in her early twenties she was a single mom working at a stable job working paycheck to paycheck. Knowing that it still wasn’t the right job for her she decided to quit and pursue her interest in photography. With an outdated camera and laptop missing the letter “e”, she decided to get scrappy and creative and use what she had with where she was to make it work. Since then she has tripled her corporate income as a full-time photographer and business educator.

How to Not Let Perfection Hold You Back

For a lot of us, the struggle with perfection goes hand in hand with comparison. When I asked Lauren if this has been a struggle of hers in her journey, she answered. “Of course.” She goes on to explain how the only person you should be comparing yourself to if yourself. “That’s why making goals, keeping track, and celebrating wins is so important.”

I asked Lauren, “Is there anything you do to catch yourself from going down the comparison spiral when you notice those feelings start to pop up?” Her answer, “I’ve learned that it’s okay to take a break. Sometimes I mute the person I’m comparing myself with on social media. When the influence isn’t an option, the only thing you have to do is focus on yourself.”

The Art of Taking Imperfect Action

When asked about how to move past the fear of other people’s opinions, Lauren shared “By hiding our story, we’re not fully reaching our potential.” She mentioned how when she started sharing about how she was a single mom, other single moms reached out to her and felt comfortable to trust her with their business because they connected in that way. If you never put yourself out there, they may never know you’re there to help. It’s a matter of looking at what’s more important and deciding to choose that instead of the fear of what someone would think.

Lauren’s tangible steps for taking imperfect action:

  1. Know that done is better than perfect
  2. Find Accountability – this could look like hiring a business coach, joining a mastermind, or finding a biz bestie

Where to find Lauren | Website | Instagram

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