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Have you ever caught yourself on a downward spiral of comparison and other’s opinions? Of course you have. You’re a human. We’ve all been there. It’s 10 o’clock at night you’re trying to go to bed because you swore you would start going to bed earlier and somehow you find yourself still scrolling Instagram. You know, that app that’s meant to be a place to connect. Pretty sure that’s why they called it social media. Yet somehow we’ve twisted social media into somehow-now-I’m-not-enough media.

And while we all realize that each and every one of us are getting stuck in the hamster wheel of comparing ourselves to strangers on the internet, somehow no one has shared the remedy to kicking comparison and caring about other people’s opinions.

I believe that it starts with your identity-knowing who you are and whose you are. If you are looking to Instagram to tell you your worth, you’re going to come up short almost every time. If you’re looking to your friends, your boyfriend, your job, anything other than you yourself and your maker, you will come up short.

If we are able to get a hold on knowing our identity we will be able to look at strangers on the internet who we deem as “crushing it” and say, “that’s awesome! Look at them chasing their own chase.” We can have the same dream and yet have a very different chase to get there.

Your chase is your adventure. It’s your story on how you get through obstacles, and lean on God, and believe in yourself. It’s what lies in the very center of your purpose.

Knowing who you are and whose you are will smash down the worries that sneak into your head when you’re alone about what your mom might think or that girl who made fun of you in tenth grade. Why? Because you will be able to have the amazing superpower of determining what is truth and what is a lie.

I think we’ve all been told so many lies by our peers, strangers, and even ourselves that it has become a tangled mess to decipher what’s actually true.

I’m not speaking this from a place of expert, but more so a place of progress. At this point in my life I think we’re always going to be in that mode, I think that’s what makes up our chase.

I’ve created a guide of 5 Things to Knowing Who You Are and Whose You Are, to help you pursue your purpose with a firm foundation of learning your identity. Click here to download it for free.

If this post was made just for you, I’ve got some more resources heading your way. Here are episodes of The Fearless Chase that are going to serve you even more and help you finally kick the comparison game to the curb for good!

Episode 033: Knowing Who You Are and Whose You Are