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The Secret to Getting Your Target Audience to Take Action

Have you been dying to know the secret to getting your target audience to take action? As content creators, it can be devastating to work hard on content only to receive little to no response from your followers.

Wanting more engagement is usually a business owner’s biggest priority on social media. Without it, how do you know if your audience is understanding and enjoying the content you are offering? How do you know that your followers are people that actually want what you have? Whether it’s likes, comments, or DMs, audience engagement tells us that people are listening! But also that the right people are listening!

So what do you do if you feel that all you are receiving are crickets? Or like your business will never reach its goals? In today’s episode, Jess Jordana shares the secret to getting your target audience to take action. She breaks down who your target audience is, specific steps to take to receive engagement from them, and how to find your brand voice!

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