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Raise your hand if the idea of selling makes your want to go hide in a hole. I’ve got both hands up over here!

Whether you’re service based or you sell online or physical products, this is the episode for you. In today’s episode we’ve got sales expert Liz Jacobs on to share with you the secret to sales you haven’t thought of.

Coming from the Multi-Level-Marketing space, Liz also breaks down the stereotypes and what it really means to be a part of a company that offers this style of structure.

In this episode you’ll learn:

-The secret to sales you haven’t thought of

-How to sell without turning people off or making them feel annoyed

-How to sell without feeling slimey

-The truth behind MLM’s and direct sales

The truth is selling can be SUPER uncomfortable, BUT it doesn’t have to. By the end of this interview with Liz you will walk about with the confidence and game plan you need to sell what you have to offer as if you’d be doing everyone a disservice not to!

Where to find Liz:




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