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The Three Most Important Things When it Comes to Community

The biggest thing I notice women craving, is community.

Where do we find it? How can we be a part of it? When I first started chasing after my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and starting my own podcast I quickly realized that the friends I currently had (who are amazing and I still love them to the moon and back!) weren’t so jazzed about Instagram analytics or how to boost your website traffic through Pinterest. Finding people who get it is one of the biggest pieces of advice I would give someone when they’re looking to start after a goal or a dream.

You know how they say you are the five people you surround yourself with most? Well, it’s a popular saying for a reason. If you’re only hanging around people who think that social media is only to be used when it’s someone’s birthday or when you go to a concert, you’re not likely to see results in using it as a business tool. So the big question is, how do we join in on a community of people who do get it?

The three things that are most important when it comes to community:

  1. Be yourself. I know, it sounds cliché but stick with me here. Your people won’t be able to find you if you’re only ever putting out someone you’re not. Don’t worry about fitting the mold Pinterest and success guides tell you to be. Be yourself and your people will show up.

  2. Serve with the gifts and talents you already have. Don’t worry about trying to give your community what’s the most popular thing. If your gift is a nurturer, be that. If you’re a great cook and love being in the kitchen, share that with your community. Share the things that are already placed inside of you. The world needs your beauty too.

  3. Be consistent. We all know that person who flakes out every time you invite them to something. It can be so hard to keep up with people who you aren’t able to connect with. You have a story to be told and so do they. Give yourself and them the opportunity to share it.

You matter!

Be yourself, serve the best you know how, and show up!



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