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Turning Your Mess Into Your Message

When walking through a traumatic event in your lives, turning your mess into your message can feel impossible. Many of us have walked through moments that have felt like they’ve beat us down completely. But what happens when we take those moments of trauma and turn them into fuel to not only reach our dreams, but to reach others at the same time?

In this episode, Courtney Vaughn shares her story and her experience with truly turning her mess into her message. After walking through a traumatic experience with domestic violence, she chooses to take the pain from her past and turn it into the fuel she needs to chase her passion everyday. In doing so she has been able to nurture a business that focuses on shedding light on such a heavy message. Instead of living her life as a victim of domestic abuse, she lives out a life of survival. She uses her voice and love of cosmetics to speak so much light into others who have gone through any kind of trauma.

She talks about how to move on after a traumatic experience and encourages listeners to become confident in chasing after all of the great things that are ahead!

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