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It has been almost a year since we launched The Fearless Chase Podcast and I can’t believe how far it’s come. Since starting the show I’ve received several questions about how I got started, what equipment I used, and how to get guests on the show. I thought what better way to share all of the information than to put it all in one place! So let’s get started with the basics.

Planning out what your show will look like.

Before you buy all of the equipment and start reaching out to people to be on your show, you’ll need to know what you want to share with the world. Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

What type of information do I want to share on this show? Will it be motivational, storytelling, pop-culture, faith based, or something entirely different?

Will you want to have solo episodes, interviews, maybe a mixture of both (these are my fav!)?

Who will your show serve? Who is your ideal audience?

Will you want to have commercials/paid advertisement?

How long will you want your episodes to be?

Do you want to go based off of an outline or hit record and start a conversation?

Will you have a website for your podcast (coming from a virtual assistant background, I HIGHLY recommend doing this!)

How many episodes do you want to have available when you launch?

Will you provide show notes?

Will you do seasons?

Will you take breaks?


Now that you’ve got a bit more of an idea of how you want your podcast to look, let’s talk equipment!

There are many different options you can choose from but I’m going to share what I personally use + love.

Laptop-I recommend a mac because I use GarageBand for editing

Microphone- I use this Blue Yeti

Pop Filter-I got this one from Amazon

GarageBand for editing

Skype Video for interviews

ECamm Recorder– to record the calls

Libsyn-to host the episodes and push them out to places like iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Getting Guests

After thinking about what audience you’re serving, think about guests that could share content that could add value to their lives.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to “big” name people. If you never ask, the answer will always be no.

Don’t be afraid to ask six months after they’ve said no. Persistence is the name of the game baby.


When I first started I did every step of the process I’m sharing with you on my own. Now, I’m lucky enough to have my own editor (aka, Alex (my husband). Don’t be intimidated by editing. While it can take a minute to get the hang of it, learning the shortcuts on the key board can really help move the process along and like anything, you’ll get better and faster at it over time. If you’re looking for your own editor or producer, you should check out Jeanette Tapley! She’s the gal who got me set up for success with my own podcast!

Pro Tip No. 1-Do a final listen through before you upload it. There have been several times I didn’t catch something the first time editing and I was so glad to be able to fix it before it went live.

Pro Tip No. 2-If you’re going to use music anywhere in your show, be sure to use royalty free music. This means you won’t get in trouble with copyrights. There are several paid and free royalty free music to choose form out there.

Done is Better Than Perfect

Now that you’ve got everything in place and you’re ready to launch my biggest piece of advice is to just do it! Done is way better than perfect. Start sharing your magic with the world. When you do, be sure to share it on IG and tag me. I would LOVE to cheer you on in chasing your biggest dreams!

If you need any help at all launching, Jeanette is ya girl!!