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Where to Find and Build Community

One of the top things I’m asked on a daily is where to find and build community. It’s the thing we’re craving most as creatives, females, millennials, and entrepreneurs. It’s hard entering into a new season of life while the rest of your friend group is still in another. Whether it’s getting married, having a baby, or starting a business, we all go through life-changes. While change can be hard, it’s much easier to bare with a group of girlfriends by your side to get you through it.

The question is, where the heck do you find this magical girl gang that’s ready to welcome you with open arms and cheer you on? Here are the top places I’ve found to help me build community no matter what season of life I’m in.

Where to Find and Build Community

Events + Conferences

Have you ever gone to a conference or maybe even just youth camp as a kid and have come back completely on fire to change the world and make an impact?

The thing I LOVE about in-person events or conferences is the momentum it stirs in you. Being in a room full of people that excited has enough energy to light up the Houston Texans Football Stadium.

Gaining motivation on our own can sometimes be on of the most challenging parts of chasing our goals. Getting that momentum going is like getting a huge tire to roll. But, once it’s going it’s so much easier to keep it moving forward. Creating friendships at events helps to keep that tire going.

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Finding people who enjoy the same things as you can be as easy as asking a girlfriend to coffee after yoga or lunch after church. How many times have you been in a dance class that you had so much fun in and then just walked away without ever getting to know the name of the girl next to you? Take advantage of the fact that you have an entire room full of people who like similar things to you.

Instagram / Facebook Groups

Some of the people I talk to the most are people who I’ve never met in person. It’s actually crazy to think we’ve never met because we’re in constant communication. Between voice texts and FaceTime it feels like we grew up together. Finding friends over Instagram has quickly become the new pen pal. The key to this one is to not overthink it. I promise you, everyone wants genuine connection as much as you do and contrary to popular belief it IS actually possible over the internet.

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Coffee Shops

If you’re an extroverted entrepreneur you likely find yourself in a lot of coffee shops. There’s something about the energy and the unspoken accountability of others seeing you that helps you stay focused, on task, and excited to smash out work. How often are you visiting the same coffee shop? Seeing the same people who also break open their laptops after ordering their regular? Creating small talk to the same edgy barista that you hope thinks you’re even a fraction as cool as she is? It’s time to finally get to know the people in your “office.” Ask them their name, what they’re interested in, what shows they’re binging on Netflix.

We were created for community. Don’t let the fear of what people might think or how different you both are hold you back from potentially the most life-giving relationships.

We’re stronger in numbers. Don’t be afraid to go first, you never know where it will lead!